CTSA was established to facilitate regional and global telecommunications wholesale and interconnection business. The work of CTSA includes enhancing bilateral relations, sharing of latest knowledge, thinking and best practices. Operators and Carriers meeting to simplify, improve and standardize exchanging billing and settlement information.

CTSA Council

The current CTSA Council was elected during CTSA 2019 which was held in Gaborone, Botswana from 20 to 22 February 2019. The Council duration is two years and Council Members are eligible for re-election in 2021. CTSA Council is responsible for the work of CTSA and work with volunteers to champion industry issues and can establish special committees and working groups.

Council Members

Chairperson - Mr. Sevelus Nakashole, Telecom Namibia

Vice Chairperson - Mr. Tlotlo Ganamotse, Botswana Telecommunications Corporation

Vice Chairperson -Ms. Carol Chishimba, Zamtel

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