CTSA was established to facilitate regional and global telecommunications wholesale and interconnection business. The work of CTSA includes enhancing bilateral relations, sharing of latest knowledge, thinking and best practices. Operators and Carriers meeting to simplify, improve and standardize exchanging billing and settlement information.


CTSA formally known as traffic meetings and then SADC Telecommunications Operators Bilateral Meeting (STOBM) was formed in 2000 championed by Telkom South Africa. TelOne hosted the first three annual consecutive meetings in Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. By then most processes were manual, the meetings used to take two weeks. When establishing CTSA, the priority was to support exchange billing information and settlements, facilitate standardizing of billing and settlement processes, and adopt best practices. The bilateral relationships mostly prevalent by then was sender keeps all (SKA). The outstanding success of the inaugural meetings in Victoria Falls revealed an untapped demand among telecom operators for a regional forum dedicated to discussing issues and agreeing on cross border interconnection, billing and settlements. Further success at various annual gatherings enhanced the bilateral relationships and sharing of equipment and spares. CTSA's key priorities are to continue working towards supporting bilateral relationships, interconnection and settlements, enhancing communication and relations between Carrier partners, and thereby hasten dispute resolution, collection and settlement. Carriers continually meet annually during CTSA gatherings to complement the work completed within the Carrier premises with face-to-face meetings on one venue and resolve and negotiate business issues These achievements spurred the growth of CTSA and positively, global Carriers are also participating


Established by Carriers for Carriers in Southern Africa

During the CTSA gatherings, speakers from many different organizations and backgrounds provide insights into how other Carriers tackle complex billing and settlement issues such as credit management policy, revenue assurance, bankruptcy, invoice validation and disputes process, mixed commercial arrangements (ITU traffic accounting verses wholesale mode of operations), reference data management, voice trading implications, Fraud management, finance management of mobile data products and international settlement process. Industry suppliers are also invited to speak on technology offerings and roadmaps. The meetings are held once a year where the agenda includes bilateral sessions and presentations. Special workshops are also held to address burning industry issues like regional roaming and terminations rates.

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