CTSA was established to facilitate regional and global telecommunications wholesale and interconnection business. The work of CTSA includes enhancing bilateral relations, sharing of latest knowledge, thinking and best practices. Operators and Carriers meeting to simplify, improve and standardize exchanging billing and settlement information.

Our Aspirations

CTSA formed by Carriers for Carriers aspires to provide a unique regional forum and practical solutions to continuously improve carrier's billing, settlements and related business processes, foster inter-carrier business relationship and bilateral relations, and to explore solutions to business demands and enable Carriers to gain first hand insights on market movements and upcoming trends. The telco business is changing at a rapid pace and CTSA Through collaboration and partnerships, CTSA aims to help Carriers simplify and improve business processes; enhance bilateral relations; normalize industry benchmarks; and standardize business practices through the establishment of policies, guidelines and collectively mitigate the effects of fraud. CTSA annual gatherings provide a venue where Carriers trade experiences and knowledge critical to telecommunications operations. Guided by the Council elected every two years, CTSA priorities are to serve the Carrier Members' needs, provide a forum for sharing experiences and addressing challenges, and to develop solutions that will assist Carrier Members on process improvements and efficiency gains in their respective daily business operations. Currently under development is the "CTSA Best Practices and Guidelines" to be released this year and will encompass all inputs by Members and Cooperating Partners.

Why Capacity and Traffic Southern Africa?

Established by Carriers for Carriers in Southern Africa

CTSA was formed by Carriers for Carriers in Southern Africa and is committed to helping Carriers implement simplified solutions for interconnecting, accounting and invoicing, and enable business process development for the benefit of regional wholesale community. CTSA partners with global carriers forums to share experiences and adopt best practices . As part of the Carriers business, CTSA recognizes that this is one area where Carriers are not in competition and allows an open sharing of knowledge and experiences for the Carriers to benefit from the best.

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