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Latest Organisational Strategy

AI and automation are becoming increasingly important to telco strategies as they seek to handle new network complexities and address revenue decline. We would like to hear how all telcos are thinking about automation, AI and data analytics. Is your organisational strategy or focus addressing automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics?

Training and Re-Skilling

As an industry, the association is recommending all telcos to innovate if not already being implemented with automation, from people & culture to systems & technology.Is your organisation training and re-skilling people on automation, AI and data analytics?

Partnership and Collaboration

Do you agree that there is thriving telecom/ICT industry partnership and collaboration in our region?

What is the critical industry issue which implemented, will transform your organisation and be a game changer?

Self Learning

Do you follow, understand and implement the latest global telecoms/ICT Industry trends and practices?

Raising Capital Funding

Globally and in our continent telcos are selling passive infrastructure like towers and focus on the core business. Has your organisation implemented this strategy??

Diet and Allergies

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